Bonnell Springs

Bonnell springs are coiled spiral springs. It can be produced in different diameters. Bonnell springs can be made of 4 or 5 or 6 turns. the mattress is relevant to the height and number of Bonnell spring turns. We recommend using appropriate height and number to ensure sleeping comfort.

A. Springs Diameters: 70mm, 80mm, 84mm, 86mm, 88mm, 90mm, 92mm or 95mm
B. Spring Height: 4 turns (rounds) 80 to 105 mm. 5 turns (rounds) 115-140mm, 5 turns (rounds) 115-140mm and 6 turns (rounds) 130-160mm.
C. Wire Diameters: 1.3mm or 2mm or 2.2mm or 2.3mm or 2.4mm
Our produced wires are in conformity with DIN-17223 standards. Its diameter ranges from 1.3mm to 5.5mm. Our wires tensile strength varies (according to diameter) from 1500mps to 2000mps.

The 2.2mm springs provide a softer surface to sleep on in addition to lighter weight. The detailed dimensions and specification of springs produced from 2.2mm wire are:
As for the 2.4mm springs, it provides a rigid surface according to customers’ needs. Its weight is also heavier.

Rankousi Steel Company

Rankousi Steel Company

Rankousi Steel Company also practice and recommend proper spring packing measures preserving the springs physical properties and ensuring save transportation.