Wire Products

Rankousi Steel Company is specialized in scientific wire drawing procedures. Wire drawing is a metal-reducing process in which raw wires are mechanically and physically treated in scientific methods thereby reducing its diameter.

Because the volume of the wire remains the same, the length of the wire changes according to its new diameter. Various wire diameters and toughness can be produced by a series of heating, drawing and annealing operations. These operations are carried out by our drawing machine.

Our machines are imported directly from its western manufacturer. Even more, to ensure that our machines will run produce the highest possible quality .

Therefore, we have joined the machines, the raw materials, the expertise and the professional projects/customers management to deliver an ideal product in the market.

Wire Usage:

Rankousi wires are used for many applications such as: mattress springs, car seat, furniture parts and automotive parts. A wider range of usage is generated when using specialized automated bending machines

Rankousi Steel Yearly Production Quota:

Our factory is capable of producing over 20 tones per day (depending on shifts). Therefore, we annually produce over 5000 tones of high quality wire. Our factory will produce steel coils of various weights and torsion strength; according to the customers needed wire diameter.


Rankousi Steel Company follows extreme packing measure making certain that our products reach our customers better than they would expect.

Such measures as pneumatic strapping machines, thick metal straps, hard carton coil core, shrink wrap and other safety packing tools and measure are used.
Thus, our packing system is designed to facilitate excellent in-transit protection and easy handling. Consequently, insuring the customer will receive our valued product in superlative shape. Overall we contribute positively and directly in our customer production process.